Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give free estimates?

We do. Just click the “Request Quote” button.

What materials are available for commercial doors?

We do mainly hollow metal and wood. We can also add visions and louvers.

Do you work on Residential Doors?

We do not, only commercial.

Are special door sizes or shapes available?

We do a wide range of styles for you commercial needs.

Do you install aluminum store front doors?

We do not install store front doors, but can repair the hardware.

Can I purchase toilet partitions form you?

In addition to Division 8, we also do Division 10.

What parts do you stock for commercial doors?

While most of our work is custom, we do carry some commercial grade hinges, locks, closers, weatherstripping and thresholds.

What brand of hardware do you carry?

We use Allegion, Hager, Schlage, LCN, Ives, etc.

What is you lead time?

Our lead time depends on many factors, but talk to one of our door experts and we can help you.

What is the warranty?

We provide a year warranty upon the completion date for Labor and Materials. Certain materials that come from our Vendors come with their own warranties that you can retrieve from them.

Let's find what you are looking for.

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